Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 24: Stuffed Turkey Nuggets

This post over at my friend Megans''s blog, Henry and Zelda, really had my mouth watering. Little seitan nuggets stuffed with stuffing? Amazing. I had to make them myself. I made a little stuffing. It was just the boring store-bought in-a-bag kind. A more sophisticated stuffing will be posted tomorrow. The seitan is Joanna Vaught's nugget recipe. The dough is very wet, but don't worry. It's supposed to be like that, since it's baked. You don't want them to be dried out.

I had problems rolling out the dough, even between to sheets of parchment paper, so I gave up on that idea. Instead, I took little bits of stuffing and made a few small balls and flattened them out a little. Then I took some seitan dough in my hand and flattened it out. I put a ball of stuffing in the center and wrapped the dough around it and just plopped it on the cookie sheet. It worked out pretty well. And they were so delicious!!


  1. Yes to stuffed food! I stuff later today.

  2. There's more stuffed stuff to come for me too!