Monday, November 22, 2010

Vegan MoFo Day 22: Gayke!

In the beginning of the month, Louzilla announced a contest on her blog, Loony Louzilla Lovegood Letters. It's a gay cake decorating contest. And omg I had to enter. I love all things gay, I love cakes, I love themes, I love rainbows, and I love a good contest!

So I spent last weekend baking up a storm. My plan was to make a six-layer cake. Each layer a different color of the rainbow. Usually, I have problems with cakes of multiple layers. I'll try to cut off the domed top of the layers and end up with a lopsided cake, a rounded top despite my efforts, and the frosting in between would ooze out on the sides from the weight of the layers. This time, the gay was with me. It came out perfectly:

So here's how I did it:
I used the Golden Vanilla Cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. I made two double batches and divided it into 6 bowls. I put about a cup and a half of batter into each bowl and put a generous amount of food coloring. I thought some would be too light because even after a lot of coloring, the red still looked pink. But hakuna matata, the colors intensified after baking.

I had two pans, so I made two colors at a time. Putting each layer on a cooling rack to cool while the others baked. While they all cooled, I made a double batch of the butter cream frosting with very little soy milk. I wanted it to be stiff enough to hold up the weight of all the layers. I cut the domed top off all the layers and started stacking them starting with purple at the bottom and a thin layer of frosting between each. This is what they looked like all stacked up (the colors on the side all have a golden kind of look, but the top and inside of each layer looks more vibrant):

I knew I wanted to do rainbows along the side, but I didn't want to do just frosting because it's been done. Thanks to Top Chef: Just Desserts, I came up with the idea of colorful circles. The contestants on Top Chef had to make an edible fashion, so Morgan made a dress with chocolate sequins. It looked beautiful. I remembered that and wanted to do something similar. So I did it with fondant.

And while I was thinking of ideas for decorating the top, my aunt suggested twinkies and I knew that I just had to incorporate a twinkie in some way, so I thought I'd use names for gay people! Perfect! So the finished product has a twinkie, a fairy, and fruits (molded out of fondant), along with more names written on star-shaped signs.

 The other entries are up and voting has begun! Click here to see all the awesome entries and vote for your favorite gayke!

UPDATE: I won!!


  1. Your cake is so FREAKING AWESOME!!!
    Well done.

  2. May the gay be with you! This is awesome!

  3. Your gay cake is SO AWESOME! I love it! I wish I'd managed to make one to enter the competitions but will all my other MoFo plans I didn't have time!

  4. Love it! It's so awesome!

  5. My queer little heart exploded with joy at seeing this.

  6. meggs8:23 PM

    You are amazing and wonderful and sparkly.