Thursday, October 22, 2009

VeganMofo: Sweets

The best thing about fall is that you have the excuse to put pumpkin in EVERYTHING. The funny thing is, I used to not like pumpkin, so I always kept away from things like this. But after giving some pumpkin-flavored lovelies a chance, I found that I really like it--except pumpkin pie, I don't really like the texture much. These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cupcakes are going to be the perfect substitutes for pumpkin pie after Thanksgiving dinner this year.  These are on the borderline between cupcake and muffin, so you can pretend they're breakfast too (hypothetically, of course, I would never do that). Or top them with vegan cream cheese frosting for the perfect fall dessert. Yum!

And thanks to Meghan, I bring you Chocolate Peanut Butter Yaystacks! These are absolutely delicious and so easy to make too. Sadly, mine are not gluten free because I only had wheaty pretzels on hand. I definitely recommend these to everyone. The salty pretzels and the peanutty peanut butter go perfectly with the chocolately chocolate and they're so quick and easy, they're perfect for satisfying a chocolate craving.

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  1. the nuggets on are fab. i think if you made them and put hot sauce on them it would be like buffalo nuggets.