Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VeganMofo: hors d'oeurves

Confession: I love hors d'oeuvres! Maybe it's because the only appetizers I can usually eat at parties are raw veggies. Boring! So I made a dinner of appetizers (but only took a picture of the bruschetta). 
First, I made phyllo cups filled with Trader Joe's artichoke antipasto. They were super quick, so good for parties and very tasty. I also made pigs in a blanket using phyllo dough and veggie dogs. They were poorly wrapped so they unwrapped a bit in the oven. Next time, more pinching of the seam. And then I overcooked them, so the dogs were too chewy and they separated from the dough when you bit them. But overall flavor was great! Just like what I used to love as an omni. Most of the omnis at the house didn't want to try them, but my dad did, and he loved them. Last but not least, and my most favorite, was the bruschetta. Simple, but always awesome. Basily, garlicky, and tomatoey is the way to go with these!

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  1. Pigs in a blanket are the best! That bruschetta looks good!