Tuesday, October 06, 2009

VeganMoFo: Cheater's Chana Masala

This is cheater's chana masala because it's not the way you're supposed to make it. It's not authentic and it doesn't taste AS good as when you do it right, but holy crap is it tasty. To make this, you just start by sauteeing some onions in a pot. Then you put in roughly equal amounts of curry powder and garam masala and a little bit of tomato paste or tomato sauce. Then you add canned chickpeas and more of the seasoning if needed. If it's dry, add some water. If it's too wet, boil some water off. Just let it simmer a little bit for the flavors to blend. Serve over rice or with naan or whatever. I had it with some plain ol flatbread.


  1. mmmm that looks delicious.

  2. That sounds so good right now. I love easy recipes like this.