Monday, October 01, 2012

Welcome to VeganMoFo VI!!

It's time for the 6th annual VeganMofo! I've been reading some ideas people are throwing about on the PPK and getting super excited. There will be some fantastic themes this year. I can't wait to see the wonderful things that everyone comes up with.

 My theme for the month will be beans (or legumes in general). I've been trying to keep food spending to a minimum lately and beans are one of the easiest ways to do that. Just a dollar worth of dried beans can yeild about 5 servings! And they're super healthy--packed with protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, iron, etc. So cheap and so good for you--what more can you ask for?
I may be straying from legumes and doing a little bit of whatever from time to time because there are some things I plan on making this month that don't include beans. but I promise they'll be fantastic.
Tomorrow, we'll go over some of the basic methods of cooking dried beans and then we'll get started with all the recipes!

And remember the kitty who appeared in nearly every post last year?

Here he is now, all growed up:


Don't worry, he'll be making regular appearances on my blog again this year!


  1. No one could forget that kitty. No one.

  2. That kitty was one of the most memorable parts of last MoFo. I'm excited the kitty is back. Oh, and I'm (genuinely) excited to see what you're doing with beans!

  3. Your cat is so cute =) Mines are all grown-ups now, but I would love to have a kitten again.

    I have the same theme for MoFo : beans! I'm trying to cook a different bean everyday using a different cookbook everyday.

  4. Hurrah kitty! I have missed him.

  5. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Aww, it's great to see a picture of the kitty all grown up! I loved the kitten-sized foods thing last time and I'm glad he's back for MoFo again this year! I really like your theme as well. I can always use more bean recipes.