Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recipe review: Bagels

I recently made bagels at home for the first time. After working in a bagel store for a million years, I only try it now? It's all due to the recipe in Vegan Brunch. I never really got how simple they were until I saw it all there on the page. But holy god, these are fantastic. It's hard to beat the deliciousness of fresh bagels right out of the oven.
Fortunately for me, I had some everything seeds saved from the last time we got bagels. I save them to sprinkle on top of the cream cheese because there are never enough seeds. So it turns out I had enough seeds to cover one bagel fully and another had sparse sprinkles.
All in all, these bagels were wonderful! Five stars, for sure. I will definitely make these again. They were a big hit with the family.  Aidan couldn't wait until I was done taking pictures to chow down:

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