Monday, April 11, 2011

Crafts: Duct Tape Wallet

I originally intended for this blog to be about cooking and crafting, but then I sort of forgot about the crafting portion. It's time to bring on the crafts!
I recently found myself in need of a wallet. I used to use a id card holder that had an attached keyring, which was good at first but after I added all the credit-card shaped things, my house key, car key, a few of those supermarket scanning things, and two house keys for people I regularly housesit for, it was way too bulky to fit in my pocket comfortably. I never even use most of that stuff. Time for something less bulky. So what do I do when I need something? Look for a DIY solution first, of course!
I first heard about duct tape wallets a million years ago but I always thought they looked kind of like...well, like a wallet made of duct tape. I guess it was the silver color that put me off. It just couldn't look like anyting but duct tape in a wallet shape. But once I saw them made with the colored duct tape, it was way better. They look really good. And nice and thin too. Even better than most regular wallets.  I used the tutorial here. Some of the instructions were a little off. I needed 5 strips of duct tape for the main part instead of 4. It's pretty easy to figure out once you've got the main section done.

Here's mine:


  1. that is soooo cool! i wish i could do cool things like that!

  2. mother of anonymous8:42 PM

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