Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Vegan Cookies!

I've been neglecting my blog lately, but I've been busy. I was slaving away trying to finish my Halloween costume (I may make a little tutorial about it since I couldn't find much when I was wondering how to make it) while studying for some tests at the same time.
In the meantime, I learned that Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar was released early! I ran to my nearest bookstore and snatched it up. I was so excited to make something; it was so hard to decide! I finally settled on Rocky Road cookies:

The only thing I did differently was substitute chopped vegan marshmallows (Dandies) for the white chocolate chips, because I haven't the slightest idea where/if they sell them on Long Island. They were absolutely wonderful. The marshmallows don't hold up as well as the white chocolate chips; they melted and made the cookies a little deformed. But really, who cares what they look like? They were DELICIOUS! I brought them  with me to a movie-watching event and they went like hotcakes.
The texture was absolutely perfect. I never liked the ice cream flavor because the crunchy almonds and chewy marshmallows were so different from the soft, smooth ice cream. In a cookie, the textures go great together. You get the crunchy/chewy thing from the cookie itself, so it bridges the gap between the textures of the almonds and marshmallows. Bliss.
Isn't it so pretty?!

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